Vomos® – Intelligent Garments for Best Life Quality

An innovative company based in Malaysia, Vomos® was founded in the digitally-bugged and hustle-bustle 21st century by a sport enthusiast. Vomos® has made its name in developing new technology, where ordinary textiles steadily evolve into smart fabrics.The company is largely focusing on Research and Development (R&D) ­– researching the latest breakthrough in the textile industry and make bold attempts in developing cutting edge technology to create the best products for consumers around the world.


Company Goal


The initial budding idea of Vomos® is that training should be free constraint and limitless to achieve outstanding performance. Vomos® strike to produce functional garment with highest comfort level to improve life quality which at the same time fashionable with cutting-edge technology, creative ideas and innovative designs.


Core Value


We Care
Excellent product quality and great customer service are our main priorities.

We Innovate
Every single one product of us is made after uncountable researches and endeavour.

We Respect Everyone
At Vomos, nobody’s opinion will be ignored. We respect and care about everyone.


What We Do

  We are not just design and produce our own products, but we also do researches, develop and manufacture our exclusive technology, textile materials and technical applications.
We also offer customisation service for sportswear such as basketball, football and volleyball jerseys with unique and great fabric that fits your needs.
With a team full of creative and ambitious young bloods that owns bold ideas who are passionate about personal growth, Vomos is 24/7 all-time ready to venture further into more new technologies that will bring a breath of fresh air into the industry.