How should different sports match sportswear?

How should different sports match sportswear?
In summer, the weather is generally hot and the air humidity is high. If it is in the rainy season, it is even more humid and muggy. At this time, exercising outdoors will definitely produce a lot of sweat, and the clothes will soon get wet. It is recommended that you wear shorts and shorts, and the clothes and fabrics from the inside to the outside are thin, breathable and quick-drying to avoid the occurrence of heat stroke; choose thin mid-tube socks for socks; if you are exercising in the sun, be sure to wear them Hats (lightweight, easy-drying material) to avoid heat stroke, heat stroke, etc. In addition, be sure to bring a change of clothes and change them in time after you dry your body after exercising. If you are doing marathon, cycling and other long-term sports, you can also wear short tights inside, which can not only reduce the shaking of the body during running, but also avoid the friction of the clothes on the skin during exercise (for example: many men are running The breast patch will be applied during the marathon), which also has a certain protective effect on the skin.

If you are exercising in an indoor environment such as a gym, you can wear it according to your own conditions, but you should still wear clothes with quick-drying and skin-friendly fabrics. You can wear some self-cultivating and fashionable clothes, which can effectively transfer the shortcomings of the body shape, and have a certain promotion effect on the sports effect. It should be noted that if the indoor air conditioner is turned on, attention should be paid to avoid alternating hot and cold conditions.

When doing outdoor sports such as cross-country races and mountaineering, because these sports are generally performed in mountainous areas with low temperature, although in summer, it may also be "cold", so it is necessary to increase or decrease clothes according to local weather conditions. Suggestions for clothing, from inside to outside: quick-drying clothes + perspiration-wicking underwear + thermal middle layer + waterproof jacket; among which sweat-wicking underwear and thermal-insulating middle layer can be increased or decreased according to the temperature, waterproof jacket and quick-drying clothes are necessary , and also need to prepare dry clothes, pack them in waterproof bags, and change them in time when the clothes get wet; if necessary, you need to wear warm jackets such as jackets. In addition, you need to prepare a hat and wear it when you feel cold to avoid a lot of body heat from your head. We recommend that you learn survival skills before participating in this extreme sport. Scientific preparation, safe finish!

You can also choose brightly colored clothes for summer sports. Studies have shown that bright colors can stimulate the desire to exercise, make people’s steps lighter, and improve the effect of exercise.