Are you wearing the right sportswear?

Are you wearing the right sportswear?
Sportswear refers to clothing that is comfortable and fitted when exercising, so it should be lightweight, fit and suitable for sports needs. When exercising, many people like to wear cotton clothes that are skin-friendly and comfortable. However, such clothes are not easy to dry after absorbing sweat. After being wetted by sweat, they are easy to stick to the skin surface, which is easy to reduce the body surface temperature and cause a cold. Therefore, we It is recommended to wear cotton clothes as little as possible when exercising. When choosing clothes, pay attention to the inner thighs and armpits without hemming, and shorts with inner bladders, so as to avoid wear on the inner thighs and underarms and other tender skin.

Female athletes should wear sports underwear when exercising. It is better to choose underwear with suitable elasticity, smooth breathing, unconstrained movement, and the bottom end of the underwear will not move during exercise, and choose underwear with different support forces according to the degree of body shaking during exercise. For example: static sports such as yoga and Pilates can choose sports bras with weaker support and more comfortable; jogging and strength training can choose sports bras with medium support; sports such as racing running and boxing need to wear supportive force. Strong underwear. Be sure to wear underwear when exercising, which can effectively prevent the outerwear from directly contacting the body and causing wear and tear on the skin. When exercising, all close-fitting clothes must be made of quick-drying fabrics, light and breathable, and must be skin-friendly; cut off the washing labels of clothes to prevent them from causing friction damage to the skin. When exercising, it is recommended that you wear it scientifically: choose materials with relatively good air permeability, clothing with strong sweat absorption and perspiration capabilities, and non-stick clothing, such as quick-drying clothing made of polypropylene and other materials. There are many types of quick-drying clothes on the market, you can choose the one that suits you.

It needs to be added here: Many people will prepare a new set of equipment when participating in a competition (such as a marathon, etc.), which is very unwise. It is best to wear whatever you wear for daily exercise and competition, which can effectively avoid easy wear and tear. location damage.

Sports clothes from thick to thin are: down jackets, fleece jackets, fleece jackets, sweat-wicking underwear (bodywear), and quick-drying pants (usually worn in summer). They all serve different purposes and are worn for different occasions and temperatures. Down jackets: generally worn in relatively cold snow and plateau areas, they are lighter in weight and have better thermal insulation properties. Jackets: Essential clothing for outdoor activities, with windproof, waterproof, breathable, wear-resistant and other functions. Fleece jacket: It can play the role of windproof and warm, and is generally worn during outdoor sports or winter sports. Sweat-wicking underwear: This type of clothing is mainly used to keep the body dry after outdoor sports, and is not commonly used for daily sports in summer. Quick-drying trousers: The best dress for summer sports, it is not easy to stick to the body and quick-drying after exercise. It is best to choose trousers and sleeves that can be detached and can be worn on more occasions.

Professional sports socks are also very important in sports. There are many choices of sports socks on the market: thin and thick, pure cotton and non-pure cotton, low socks and high socks, which one to choose? It is recommended that you do not choose socks made of 100% pure cotton. Although pure cotton material absorbs sweat, it is not easy to dry, and it is easy to wrinkle and hairball after washing, which is easy to cause problems such as kicks and blood blisters. The scientific choice is: choose socks of moderate thickness in terms of thickness, and you must not wear stockings for sports; the best material is cotton + polyester fiber/nylon/spandex/nylon, etc. blended socks, such fabrics are not easy to pilling; the height of the socks Try to choose socks with a height above the middle tube, which can avoid shoes from wearing heels. In addition, it is recommended that you prepare a set of clean clothes and a pair of clean socks when exercising, so that you can change them after exercising. Wet clothes should not be worn for a long time.