Vomos: Function of Air Breath +

The VÓMOS Air Breath+ is designed with features that allow the maximization of your training performance while simultaneously helping you stay comfortable. Air Breath+ is available in four vibrant colours; Frost White, Future Blue, Midnight Black, and Crimson Red.





Body Odour is the number 1 problem facing by all athletes. With our anti-odour fabric, it can eliminate odour causing microbes on fabric to prevent embarrassing odours during workout. Our Air Breath+ fabrics have been chemically treated to incorporate an anti-bacterial chemical, making the finished garment resistant to the growth of micro-organisms (fungal).With our anti-bacterial fabric, it can reduce the number of bacteria left on the t-shirt after workout by 99.3%. to prevent the growth of odour-causing microbes. It is certified by the Intertek (UK) & Bureau Veritas (EU) which are quality assured and recognized internationally. With our newest antibacterial technology, our Air Breath+ keeps you odour free and help you stay fresh all day long. 




Quick Dry
Our fabric is made of 100% Polyester fabrics which wick away sweat from your skin. With quick dry wicking fabrics technology, it works 70% faster than standard microfiber shirt. It features cool-fit technology, designed to keep you comfortably dry and cool. You can be dry and comfortable just 30 minutes after your workout.


Sweat Wicking
The sweat wicking fabric ensure that the skin remains pleasantly dry and keep the sweat away from the body, this makes the clothes much lighter and more comfortable especially during long training. It helps regulate body temperature and keeps our body from overheating.



Light Weight & Stretchable
Our Air Breath+ fabric at only 110gsm, it comes with a small pouch, so it is convenient carry it everywhere. With Stretchable materials, it perfectly follows the curves of your body to move better in every direction.



Our fabric is constructed specifically for our humid south-east Asian climate. Micro-perforations are designed into the shirt that deliver strategic ventilation to improve your core temperature control. With Air Breath+, it keeps you cool while sweating it out, so you can keep going without losing momentum.



We designed the shirt to be anti-crease with streamlined cutting specifically made for Asian body types. It can be washed by hand or machine, without deformation.

For all sporty Malaysians who love to explore the great outdoors, Vomos Air Breath+ is a must!

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